Fay Lake Wilderness Park

Playground Closure

Wilderness Trail Playground area is temporarily closed. We will update when reopened to the public.

Key Park Features

At the west end of Fay Boulevard, this 192.7-acre community park offers access to a 27-acre fishing lake. Facilities include 2 playgrounds, pavilions, fishing piers, dog park and launch area for small non-motorized boats.

Fay Lake Wilderness Dog Park Rules

  • Daily hours of operation are from 7 a.m. to Dusk
  • No Park Personnel are on duty in the Dog Park
  • Climbing over or on the fence is prohibited
  • The off-leash dog park is for dogs, their handlers, and those accompanying them. No other animals or use is allowed
  • All dogs must have their current rabies vaccine, animal license tag and wear a collar with visible identification at all times. Choke collars are prohibited
  • A handler must be physically capable of controlling their dog. All handlers are required to remain inside the gates and be in view or voice contact at all times
  • Limit two dogs per handler per visit
  • Dogs in heat and puppies under the age of four months are prohibited. It is recommended that all dogs using the park be spayed or neutered
  • Handlers must carry a leash at all times. The leash must be of sufficient strength to control the dog and not to exceed six foot in length. Dogs must be leashed prior to entering and upon leaving the gated areas
  • Handlers must clean up after their pets (Brevard County Animal Enforcement Code Section (14-59)
  • Food, alcohol, strollers and bicycles are not allowed inside the park
  • Children under 18 years old must be accompanied and supervised by a parent or guardian at all times. It is recommended that small children not be brought into the off leash area.
  • Children are not permitted to run with or chase after dogs
  • Aggressive dogs are prohibited from the park. Dogs exhibiting rough, aggressive, or dangerous behavior must be removed immediately
  • Brevard County Staff have the authority to close the site for maintenance, weather related problems, and special events
  • An infraction of any of these can result in temporary or permanent loss of park privileges
Dog Park
Fay Lake Wilderness Park sign
Playground and Pavilion
Fay Lake
Fay Lake Large Pavilion
Dock on the water


Playgrounds: Yes

Restrooms: Yes

Ocean Beach: No

Bicycle Roadways: Yes

Athletic Facilities: No

Nature Trails / Centers: No

Community Centers: No

Gymnasium: No

Boat Ramps:

1 Lane, Freshwater, Non-motorized with 85' dock

Camping Features: No


1- 40' x 60' which seats 100 at front lake (10 - 10' tables)

two 20' x 20' pavilions with two 8' tables

one 40' x 60' which seats 100 at back lake (10 - 10' tables)

one 12' x 20' at Dog Park (No tables)

Picnic Shelters / Areas: No

Fishing Features:

Three Fishing Piers, 70' with 25' T


Additional fees may apply for water, electricity, serving areas and kitchens.

Lake View Pavilion

Lake View Pavilion

40' x 60' which seats 100 at front lake (10 - 10' tables)

Reserve Lake View Pavilion
Shoreside Pavilion

Shoreside Pavilion

20' x 20' pavilions with two 8' tables

Reserve Shoreside Pavilion
Sunset Pavilion

Sunset Pavilion

20' x 20' pavilions with two 8' tables

Reserve Sunset Pavilion
Wilderness Pavillion

Wilderness Trail Pavilion

40' x 60' which seats 100 at back lake (10 - 10' tables)

Reserve Wilderness Trail Pavilion

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