Brevard County Environmentally Endangered Lands Program Treasure Coin Hunt

The search is on! Commemorative treasure coins are being hidden at a variety of nature sanctuaries throughout Brevard County for visitors to find and keep.

The 2024 Treasure Coin Hunt is here! Get ready for a brand-new coin featuring the black bear. The treasure coin hunt starts on Saturday, June 1st, 2024.

You can find the coins at

  • Enchanted Forest Sanctuary, 444 Columbia Blvd, Titusville, FL 32780
  • Sams House, 6195 N Tropical Trl, Merritt Island, FL 32953
  • Barrier Island Center, 8385 S Highway A1a, Melbourne Beach, FL 32951-3920

The treasure coin hunt starts on Saturday, June 1st, 2024.

All we ask is that you let us know if you find a coin by sending us a photo of you holding the coin at the hiding location and include a quick summary of how you found it. We would like to share your search story for others to enjoy.

The only clues provided will be the trail map and a single photo of each hiding location.  All photos are taken directly from the marked trail.

All coins will be hidden within 10 feet or less of a marked trail.

All hiding locations will be visible from the trail.

No digging or climbing will be required.

Coins may only be directly visible from a specific angle.

Please only keep one coin per person. 

Take a photo of yourself holding the coin at the hiding spot and send it to us.

We will notify treasure hunters on Facebook and update this page once a coin has been found so others don’t continue to look for it.

Get Out and Explore your local nature sanctuaries and best of luck in your quest for a Treasure Coin.

2024 Black Bear Coin

Treasure Coin Hunts Clues and Maps

All clues will be posted at 8am on Saturday, June 1st, right here on our Facebook page . Happy hunting!

Treasure Coin Hunt Scorecard
Cruickshank Sanctuary Coin #1Found
Cruickshank Sanctuary Coin #2Found
Cruickshank Sanctuary Coin #3Found
Cruickshank Sanctuary Coin #4Found
Cruickshank Sanctuary Coin #5Found
Cruickshank Sanctuary Coin #6Found
Cruickshank Sanctuary Coin #7Found
Cruickshank Sanctuary Coin #8Found

Treasure Hunter Stories

2 small girls holding up coins.

Coin 2 and Coin 5 (2nd round)

Coin from photo clue 2 found! Coin 5 found!

Man in Florida Gators hat holding up a coin.

Coin 3

Found the coin on the back of tree in photo number 3. My wife and I spent the afternoon Saturday enjoying the sights and sounds of the park. We thought it was a lucky sign that just minutes before finding the coin a Scrub-Jay landed on me as if guiding me to the coin's location with its image on it. Good times, we can't wait for more outdoor adventures and treasure hunts in our beautiful Brevard County.

Thank you for putting on an awesome program. Have a great Thanksgiving coming up and looking forward to y'all's next coin hunting outdoor activity.

Woman holding coin.

Coin 4

I took part in the Helen and Allan Cruickshank Sanctuary treasure coin hunt a few days ago. After finding my coin (#4), the scrub jay watching in the background proceeded to land on my head, giving me a big surprise. Love being up close with nature!

Bearded man wearing sunglasses holding up a coin.

Coin 5 (round 1)

It was a beautiful day to hike and enjoy Brevard County. I visited the Cruickshank Scrub Sanctuary this morning. I kept the #5 coin and found all the rest too, but I left them in their hiding spots. It was nice to see families of all ages out hiking and hunting for coins. The scrub jays were very friendly and we’re very photogenic.

2 small boys holding up a coin.

Coin 8

My sons found the 8th treasure coin at Cruikshank Sanctuary earlier today. Thank you!