Brevard County Community Corrections

The Brevard County Community Corrections team aspires to provide excellence in criminal justice services. Its mission is to strengthen community safety.

Among the services provided are:

Pretrial Release and Pretrial Community Supervision

Cost-effective alternatives to incarceration known as Pretrial Release and Pretrial Community Supervision. Defendants released into these programs are monitored by their Community Corrections officer while awaiting the disposition of their criminal case. Defendants are required to abide by all Court-ordered conditions of pretrial release.

Pretrial Release and Community Supervision Office
Professional Probation Services
571 Haverty Court
Rockledge, FL 32955
Community Corrections Officers: (321) 985-5695 or (321) 985-5697

Jail Oversight

Jail Oversight review of recent arrests to determine which individuals meet the criteria appropriate for release consideration by the Jail Oversight Committee. Defendants approved for Jail Oversight release are often placed on Pretrial Community Supervision by the Court.

Jail Oversight Coordinator: (321) 633-0225

Terminal Agency Coordinator

Contract monitoring of the Agreement between Brevard County and the contractor that is currently providing misdemeanor probation and pretrial services. The Terminal Agency Coordinator oversees the Florida Department Law Enforcement certification of employees hired by the contractor.

Terminal Agency Coordinator: (321) 985-5696

Public Safety Coordinating Council

Facilitation of the selection process, contract monitoring, and disbursement of allocated funds to schools receiving Dori Slosberg Driver Education Safety Act funds.

Facilitation of the Brevard County Public Safety Coordinating Council, which includes the scheduling of meetings, maintaining meeting minutes, and providing Jail Population Management services.

Lisa Bradley, Manager: (321) 637-5360 ext: 1.