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Rules for Getting a Library Card

To get a three-year Resident Card, show a photo ID and proof of Brevard County residency. Juvenile cards require a parent or legal guardian's proof of residency.
Accepted ID to prove residency:

  • Florida driver's license or vehicle registration with a Brevard County address
  • Property tax receipt, deed, or mortgage
  • Minimum six-month lease
  • Valid Brevard County voter registration card
  • Declaration of domicile and citizenship issued by Brevard County
  • Florida Highway Patrol ID card
  • Active duty military or dependent ID
  • Access Florida card

To get a temporary card you must have a photo ID and one of the following:

  • Lease for 30 days up to six months
  • Current utility bill
  • Checkbook with local address
  • Current rent receipt or rent deposit receipt

Temporary cards are good for six months and are not renewable.

Non-Resident cards can be issued to students with an active Brevard County college ID or college library card. A non-resident may purchase a one-year library card with proof of their permanent address for $15.