Mosquito Control Department

Providing environmentally safe methods to control mosquito populations and aquatic weeds in Brevard County.

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Mosquito Prevention and Control

Frequently asked questions regarding mosquito prevention and control.

Prevention and Control

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Questions regarding mosquito control for horse owners.

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Facts to Remember

  • We continue to have field staff working  6-7 days a week throughout the county beginning at 6:30 AM to approximately 2 PM conducting field counts, monitoring traps, dipping for larvae, larviciding and adulticiding, (killing adult mosquitoes).
  • Due to the vast amount of salt marshes that exist in Merritt Island, South Beaches and other areas of the county, in addition to chemical control for mosquitoes, the District relies on mosquito impoundments to control the salt marsh mosquito. Unlike fresh water mosquitoes, salt marsh mosquitoes lay their eggs in moist to dry soil just above the current water level and wait for rain, tidal fluctuations or other water rise events to submerge the eggs so they can hatch. A square inch of salt marsh soil has been known to hold over 20,000 mosquito eggs.

Any rain event will cause mosquitoes to hatch in a 5 to 7 day period in any area that holds water. Though the district is scheduling adult mosquito treatments nightly and have a kill effect of 90% on the specific targeted brood, new broods can hatch the following day and it may appear that no treatments have taken place or that mosquito populations have increased.

It is also important to note that mosquito treatments cannot take place if it is raining or winds exceed 10 to 15 mph by truck and air. We invite you to view our spray area map,   which provides the areas to be treated nightly. You can also view the areas that were successfully treated the previous evening. Our daily phone message is updated every day by 4:00 p.m. Please call (321) 264-5032, extension 1 and a list of those spray areas scheduled for treatment each evening will be listed.