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Engineering Program

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The Engineering Program is responsible for right-of-way permitting, subdivision and commercial development review and inspection, design and drafting support for Public Works and various County programs, and for ensuring that capital improvement projects are designed and constructed to current standards for public safety. Made up of several groups, the Program is essential to ensuring the protection of the general public and the County infrastructure system. The following is a short synopsis of the function for each group:

Right-of-Way / Easement Permitting

The primary function of the permitting process is to ensure that work performed within the County rights-of-ways and/or easement meets current design standards and County regulations. Part of this process is the review of proposed residential driveway culvert installations to protect the operation of storm water drainage systems.

Development Review and Inspections

This group has two primary functions. The first involves staff review of subdivision and commercial site plan design for conformance with Brevard County Land Development Regulations related to stormwater treatment and roadway requirements. This includes ensuring that roadway’s meet FDOT design standards. The second function involves inspection of all development related construction projects that have been issued permits through the right-of-way and easement permitting process and the development permitting process.

Public Works Engineering Standard Development Notes and the Land Development Exhibits are available upon request. The Standard Development Notes sheet was developed to reduce review time of projects that are permitted by the County by combining the individually requested notes onto one sheet. The Land Development Exhibits are a combination of roadway, sidewalk, residential driveway, commercial driveway, and other development standards put together in exhibit format for the use by customers permitting improvements within the County.

Land Development Exhibits

The .zip files contain technical drawings in multiple file formats. If you would like to receive these documents in a Section 508 accessible format click the request button or contact Christine Verrett at (321) 350-8328 .

Engineering Design

The Engineering Design group provides the design and drafting necessary for the preparation of detailed construction plans and specifications. We provide engineering services for various County programs including Public Works Administration and Traffic Operations. Typical projects include improvements for roadways and intersections, drainage infrastructure, sidewalks, and traffic signage and striping.

Construction Management

This group is associated with the review of Capital Improvement Projects that are designed and permitted by Engineering Consultants working for Brevard County Public Works. The group is also responsible for inspecting all Capital Improvement Projects that are bid and constructed by Brevard County Public Works. These improvement projects typically involve roadway widening, intersection improvements, sidewalk construction, turn lane additions and signalization.

Engineering Contact Information

To contact our office for:

Driveway / Right-of-Way & Easement Permitting

Electronic Submittals:

(321) 637-5437 – Option 2

Driveway Inspections (Pre-pour & Finals) and Utility Start Work Notifications

(321) 633-2079 - Option 1

Engineering Inspections & Project Close Out for Commercial Right-of-Way, Site Plans, and Subdivisions

(321) 637-5437 - Option 4

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