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Volunteering is a great way to share your skills, teach others, learn something new, or to simply help protect our local resources. We work with volunteers of all ages on a variety of short and long-term projects. If you would like to dedicate a portion of your time as a Volunteer, please contact the NRMO office at (321) 633-2016 for more information.

Volunteer Work Really Adds Up! In 2008, 33,835 volunteers gave their time and resources to Brevard County programs for a total of 835,997 hours of work. The total value is calculated using $18.04 per hour figure which equals $15,081,385 in savings to taxpayers!!

Learn more about volunteer programs with the Natural Resources Management Office:

Watershed Program Volunteer Opportunities

Storm drain marking, and inventory of markers

Volunteers are needed to locate areas for storm drain marking within the unincorporated areas of Brevard County, and cities of West Melbourne and Malabar. Markers, as shown to the right, will be attached by volunteers to the storm drains as a method of helping the community learn about the role people play in preventing pollutants from entering the stormwater system. All materials and safety equipment needed for this activity are provided by Brevard County.

Environmental Education Featuring the Enviroscape

Volunteers can assist with watershed education by showing the connection between people and pollution. Volunteers receive training to use the Enviroscape to conduct an interactive demonstration of the impact pollution has on stormwater. Following training, the Enviroscape and all necessary materials will be loaned to volunteers for presentations.

If you are interested in any of these opportunities, contact the NRMO office at (321) 633-2016 for more information.

Storm Water Asset Mapping Program (SWAMP)

This project involves adding data to our GIS database. The volunteer may be asked to perform office work using ESRI ArcMAP and Google Earth to accurately draw physical points and lines that represent stormwater structures. Volunteers may also use paper information and transfer the data to GIS by digitizing and assigning basic attributes to structures that can then be used as a layer. Volunteers may also be asked to manipulate other types of Excel / GIS data or create printed maps as needed. Must have proficient computer skills, basic GIS skills, attention to detail, must be reliable and willing to commit to set work schedule each week, able to work with minimal supervision, attend in-person interview and pass low level background screening. You will be asked to work a 4-hour shift once a week. Natural Resources employees will provide orientation to department, description of duties and introduction to storm structures and the mapping process.

Contact: Cindy Lieberman,, for more information.

Brevard Oyster Gardening Project

Brevard County has partnered with Brevard Zoo to launch the Oyster Gardening Project; a community-based program that allows citizens to foster and raise oysters that will later be introduced back in to the Indian River Lagoon...

More information on Oyster Gardening 

Stormwater Assessment Clerk

  • Assist staff with Access database data entry – Experience helpful, not required
  • Retrieve, Print, File property review information gathered from a variety of applications: Property Appraiser and Tax Collector websites + Intranet Mapper + Assessment billing
  • Scanning, sorting documents, destruction of docs for records management
  • Training provided
  • Flexible hours once training is complete
  • Suitable for short-term or ongoing projects

Monofilament Recovery and Recycling Volunteer Opportunities

Brevard County has more than 180 outdoor monofilament recycling bins that require regular emptying. These bins are located on all major waterways, as well as public parks adjacent to waterways, boat ramps, fishing piers, and even some marinas.

Volunteer opportunities are available to sponsor an outdoor monofilament recycling bin and empty it of line on a monthly basis.

Contact Boating and Waterways at (321) 633-2016 or email Matt Culver for more information.