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Library Forms and Policies

Library PolicyRegulationDescription
Library Material SelectionBCC - 73The guidelines used by library staff in building and maintaining the collection of the Brevard County Public Libraries.
Unsolicited MaterialsBCC - 74To provide guidelines for the either the display or distribution of unsolicited materials.
Circulation and Loan RulesLS-02 Circulation and Loan Rules (pdf, 252 KB)Uniform guidelines for circulation loans and library card registration eligibility requirements.
Code of ConductLS-03 Code of Conduct (pdf, 220 KB)Customer rules of behavior to ensure that our libraries provide a comfortable and safe environment for patrons and staff.
Meeting Room Policies and FormLS-08 Meeting Room Request (pdf, 178 KB)Meeting Room request form and the rules and criteria for
Friend of the Library Operating GuidelinesLS-09 Friends of the Library Operating Guidelines (pdf, 169 KB)To provide guidelines for the purpose, organization, and funding of individual Friends’ groups across the Brevard County Library System.
Internet Policy StatementLS-12 Internet Policy Including Internet and WiFi (pdf, 201 KB)Guidelines on internet access, outlining acceptable use and privacy.
Confidentiality of Patron RecordsLS-15 Confidentiality of Patron Records (pdf, 207 KB)Rules to ensure that patron records are kept confidential within the requirements of the law, and to establish a procedure for dealing with requests for confidential information.