Brevard County Planning & Development Comprehensive Plan and Studies

The 1988 Brevard County Comprehensive Plan was prepared in accordance with Chapter 163, Part II, Florida Statutes, "The Local Government Comprehensive Planning and Land Development Regulation Act of 1985", and Florida Administrative Code Rule 9J-5, "Minimum Criteria for Review of Local Government Comprehensive Plans and Determination of Compliance". The 1988 Brevard County Comprehensive Plan replaces the current County Comprehensive Plan which was adopted in July of 1981 as mandated by the Local Government Comprehensive Planning Act of 1975.

Available Documents

The following documents are available to the public via Public Records Request. If you need the document(s) in an alternate format for accessibility purposes (e.g. Braille, large print, audio, etc.) or in Section 508 compliant format please note that in the request. Note: this may take additional time.
  • Comprehensive Plan Table Of Contents and Preface
  • Chapter 01 Conservation Element
  • Chapter 02 Surface Water Management
  • Chapter 03 Recreation And Open Space Element
  • Chapter 04 Historic Preservation Element
  • Chapter 05 Housing Element
  • Chapter 05 Housing Element
  • Chapter 06 Potable Water Element
  • Chapter 07 Sanitary Sewer Element
  • Chapter 08 Solid Waste Management Element
  • Chapter 09 Transportation Element
  • Chapter 10 Coastal Management Element
  • Chapter 11 Future Land Use
  • Chapter 12 Intergovernmental Coordination Element
  • Chapter 13 Capital Improvements Element
  • Comprehensive Plan Glossary

Small Area Studies

  • South North Tropical Trail Small Area Study
  • Mims Area Community Assessment Small Area Study
  • Barnes to Pineda Small Area Study
  • East Merritt Island Small Area Study
  • Broadway to Camp Small Area Study
  • South Mainland Small Area Study
  • North Courtenay Parkway Corridor Study
  • North North Tropical Trail Small Area Study
  • North Merritt Island Small Area Study
  • Tower Master Plan Matrix
  • Tower Master Plan Executive Summary
  • Tower Master Plan

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