Frequently Asked Questions

Will Code Enforcement drive through my neighborhood and address all of the code violations they see at all of the properties?

Brevard County Board of County Commissioners has directed Code Enforcement to respond only to citizen complaints at specific addresses/locations except for issues of health and safety.

May overnight guests stay in my recreational vehicle on my property? May people live in a recreational vehicle on my property? May I store my recreational vehicle on vacant property?

No. Recreational vehicles and recreational equipment may be parked, located, or stored at developed single-family or multiple-family residential properties (not on vacant properties). They cannot be used for residential purposes.

How many garage sales may I have in a year?

A garage sale shall not be carried on for more than a 48-hour period, and no more than two such sales shall be permitted within a 12-month period from any property.

I received a Notice of Violation/Notice of Hearing, what do I do now?

Contact the Code Enforcement office at (321) 633-2086 to speak to the officer assigned to your case.

What is the status of the complaint I filed?

Please call our office for status of your complaint (321) 633-2086.

Do I need a permit?

Contact Brevard County Building Department for permit requirements.

Who should be contacted if a septic tank is overflowing?

Contact the State of Florida Division of Environmental Health immediately at (321) 633-2100.

What is the zoning classification for my property and what is allowed?

Contact the Zoning office at (321) 633-2070.

I have mold in my home and my landlord will not do anything about it, who can help?

For landlord / tenant disputes contact: Florida Department of Business and Professional Regulation 

For mold issues refer to: Florida Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services Resource Guide 

Is my property located in the city or in unincorporated Brevard County?

Click Property Appraiser  to view the web page. Open “Property Research” and find property. Click on number in "Millage Code" field, drop-down will appear indicating the jurisdiction.