About Brevard County Code Enforcement

Our goal is to enhance the quality of life in Brevard County through the enforcement of health, safety, and welfare regulations. To achieve this, we work with citizens toward reasonable and timely compliance of code violations.

Code Enforcement investigates complaints on alleged violations of zoning, solid waste, junk vehicles, housing, marine turtle lighting, overgrowth and other county codes. Your assigned officer will assist you in understanding and correcting your cited violation(s). Please contact your code officer with any questions. Code officers can be reached at (321) 633-2086. Corrections vary by the type of case and may depend on the code cited, the extent of the violation, previous violation history and other factors.

The health and safety of Brevard County residents is a top priority. Please contact our office with any health and safety concerns. If our office is closed, please contact the sheriff’s office with immediate concerns. Some health and safety issues must be dealt with by the Brevard County Sheriff's Office .

Brevard County Code Enforcement primarily responds to complaints from citizens. Complaints are accepted by email, phone, fax, or in person. Anonymous complaints are not allowed per State Statute unless the issue is a health-safety issue such as an unsecure swimming pool or structure that has been severely damaged. The complainant information is public record.