Sewer Credits

The Utility Services Department allows a sewer credit for the following two reasons: water service leak and pool fills. This service is provided to all county residents on the Brevard County sewer system regardless of water provider. The credit will only apply to a portion of the sewer usage charge. No credit will be given for the monthly fixed base charge.

Please make your request by downloading the form and emailing it to us at in the time allotted. You may also call our Administration Office at (321) 633-2091 and request a form. See below for more information.

Once the request has been received, the department will determine whether water usage has returned to the account’s normal usage rate. If it has, staff will calculate an average sewer bill based on the consumption of the four months previous to the event. If there is no consumption history prior to the event, the department will use the four months subsequent.

Once the average sewer bill has been calculated, the department will credit the difference between the average bill and the actual bill that includes the high usage to the customer’s next available sewer bill. Depending on the circumstances, the credit may not occur for up to five months after the request is submitted. Receipts and pictures must be provided if a plumber's bill is not available.

Failure to pay the actual sewer bill in anticipation of the credit could result in termination of water service.

Leak Credits

The Utility Services Department allows a sewer credit for a water service leak that does not result in water entering the sewer system. You have 60 days from the occurrence of such a break or leak to submit the sewer credit form.

Customers must provide a plumber’s bill for the service line repairs, or certify that they have performed repairs which are available for inspection.

If the leak has occurred over a period of time, the credit is limited to two months.

Pool Fill Credits

The Utility Services Department allows a sewer credit for the filling of a swimming pool. You have 30 days from the date of filling the pool to submit the sewer credit form.

Credits for filling swimming pools are limited to 1 per customer in a 12 consecutive month period.

Since the sewer rates are capped at 12,000 gallons for residential customers, no credits will be issued for sewer use over 12,000 gallons.