Wildfire Preparation and Prevention

Brevard County Burn Ban effective May 8, 2024. Burn Ban Press Release. 

Wildfires can be unpredictable and spread fast. Use the resources on this page to protect your home and family from the damage wildfires can cause.

Tips to Prevent Home Damage to Wildfires

  • Frequently clean your roof, gutters, and deck of dead leaves, pine needles, and other debris.
  • Keep an area of 200 feet around your home clear of yard waste and objects that could catch fire easily.
  • Use building and yard materials that will not easily catch fire.
  • Trim back branches of large trees up to 6 to 10 feet from the ground that overhang structures.
  • Make sure mulch is 5 feet away from structures.
  • Remove items stored underneath decks or porches.
  • Make sure your home is clearly marked street name and numbers for your address.

In the Event of a Wildfire Evacuation

  • Before a wildfire, make and practice a family evacuation plan. Your plan will need to include meeting locations, a communication plan, and is applicable, pet accommodations.
  • Before a wildfire, make an emergency bag containing necessary and personal items you will need if you are asked to leave your home.
  • Before a wildfire, practice two ways out of your neighborhood to be prepared if roads are blocked.
  • If advised to evacuate, do so immediately.
  • Lock your home up and tell someone where you and your family are going.
  • Follow evacuation instructions from your local emergency officials.



Additional Resources

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