What to Do in the Event of Civil Disorder

Civil disorder is the result of groups or individuals within the population who may feel that their needs or rights are not being met. Civil disorder can also occur in reaction to political movements or special events that attract large crowds, or as a result of an unemployment or economic crisis. When groups or individuals disrupt the community to the point where intervention is required to maintain public safety, the event has become a civil disorder.


Review your five steps on your Pathways to Preparedness.

If you see something, say something. 


Stay inside. Close and lock all windows and doors.

Be vigilant.


Listen to public safety officials for information.

Avoid the affected areas.

Quick Facts

  • The most common type of civil disorder is a riot. Riots can cause extensive social disruption, loss of jobs, death, and property damage.
  • There have been no recorded incidents of civil disorder in Brevard.

Information on Dealing with These Hazards