Central Florida Cares Health System Finance Committee Meeting - March 13, 2024

There will be a meeting of the Central Florida Cares Health System Finance Committee on March 13, 2024 at 1:00 PM. It will be held in the Board Room, 707 Mendham, Suite 201, Orlando, FL 32825.

Central Florida Cares Health System complies with state and federal nondiscrimination laws and policies that prohibit discrimination based on age, color, disability, national origin, race, religion, or sex.  It is unlawful to retaliate against individuals or groups on the basis of their participation in a complaint of discrimination.

If you need special accommodations to access services, attend a Central Florida Cares Health System, Inc. meeting, or participate in any CFCHS event, please inform staff of the services needed at (407) 985-3560.

If you are deaf or hard of hearing, or have limited English proficiency, you are entitled to interpreter services at no cost to you. In addition, services for the deaf or hard of hearing may be accessed through Florida Relay by dialing 7-1-1 or calling toll free:

  • 1-800-955-8770 (Voice)
  • 1-800-955-8771 (TTY)
  • 1-877-955-8773 (Spanish)
707 Mendham Blvd, Suite 201
Orlando , FL

  Karla Pease

(407) 985-3561