Recycling Links and Media

Recycling Links

US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA)

To learn about all the ways you can reduce your waste check out the Environmental Protection Agency's official site.

Florida Recycling

Go to the Florida Department of Environmental Protection's website for information on upcoming events and webinars about recycling in Florida.

Recycling Education

Want to help educate children and students about the benefits of recycling and how they can get involved? We offer, FREE, in-class, recycling education programs. Your student will learn about what happens to garbage once they put it in their trash cart as well as what items go into their recycle cart.

For more information check out the Florida Department of Environmental Protection's Education Page.

Also, a representative from our department will meet with your civic group or community organization about the benefits of recycling and waste prevention. If you are interested, please submit a completed Information Request Form. You will be contacted as soon as possible

Recycling Videos

Recycle 'Round Brevard

Want to hear about the strides Brevard County has been making in recycling and learn a few tips? Check out our Recycle 'Round Brevard video!

Recycle It or Trash It?

Confused about whether to throw an item in the trash can or recycling bin? Let RC the Recycling Cat help by showing you were common items should be placed.

The Dirty Dozen Video

The Dirty Dozen cause trouble when placed in your recycling cart. This video explains why these items do not belong in your recycling cart.

Does it Belong in your Cart?

This video provides a quick reference of what belongs in your curbside recycling cart!