Recycling Kids' Corner

RC the Recycling Cat was a stray cat found sorting recyclables out of the neighborhood trash. RC’s knowledge in recycling secured him a job as the mascot for Brevard County’s Recycling Program and he has worked and lived with the Solid Waste Management Department ever since. RC has come a long way since he was a stray cat. He has learned so much more about recycling. RC is always excited to share his knowledge about recycling the right way through our educational outreach programs.

Today, RC is now ready to enhance his knowledge, skills and abilities for his chosen career path. He has signed up for classes at the local college. RC loves visiting schools and he continues to make time in his busy schedule to hand out high fives and recycling tips!


Recycle It or Trash It? Video

Confused about whether to throw an item in the trash can or recycling bin? Let RC the Recycling Cat help by showing you were common items should be placed.

The Dirty Dozen Video

The Dirty Dozen cause trouble when placed in your recycling cart. This video explains why these items do not belong in your recycling cart.

Does it Belong in your Cart? Video

This video provides a quick reference of what belongs in your curbside recycling cart!


Here are some books that can help you get some tips on Recycling

  • The Magic School Bus Gets Recycled by Anne Capeci
  • Michael recycle by Ellie Bethel
  • Michael Recycle Meets Litterbug Doug by Ellie Bethel
  • Bag in the Wind by Ted Kooser