Billing Services and Rate Resolutions

The Solid Waste Management Department is responsible for the disposal of solid waste (garbage and yard waste, etc.) generated from households and commercial businesses in Brevard County.

Collection and Disposal Charges for Garbage, Yard Waste and Recycling

Collection Charges apply only to residents in the unincorporated areas of the County (not those living within city limits). Disposal Charges apply to all residents. Collection and Disposal charges are put on the annual tax bill under non ad-valorem special assessments. Properties that are certified to be occupied after October 1, will receive a pro-rated assessment for these services.

Landfill Accounts for Commercial Businesses

These accounts are established for commercial businesses that bring in by-products from their business and for haulers who bring in new construction, demolition or renovation material generated within Brevard County Only.

For billing information questions or to set up an account, please contact our Customer Service personnel at (321) 633-2042.

Lien Search Requests

Please email for all Lien Search Requests.

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