Suntree / Viera Public Library

Zumboga at Micco Park with Pam Thursday

Micco , United States
9645 Riverview Dr
Darryl Nugent

Workout for people over 50 or those beginning to exercise.

What is Zumboga? This is a combination of Zumba and Yoga. This is a great overall workout for people over 50 or those just beginning to exercise. Incorporates low-impact cardio, strength training (lots of arms and abs) using light weights or just your own resistance, and Yoga stretches (simple ones). Lots of fun with upbeat music!!

Tuesdays and Thursdays at 8AM at Micco Park on the basketball court

  • Dress comfortably (maybe a hat)
  • Bring water!
  • Bring light weights if you have them (not necessary)
  • Bring a resistance strap if you have something (you can just use a headband or even a hand towel)
  • Bring a mat or towel or blanket for stretching at the end of class

$5 per class or purchase a punch card for $40 and get two free classes