Brevard County Planning and Development Comprehensive Plan Fees

Comprehensive Plan Amendments, Interpretations and Appeals
(1) Comprehensive Plan Amendments  
(a) Change to the Future Land Use Map $1,785$43 per acre
(b) Natural Resources Management Review$300
(c) Text Amendment: Change to Any Goal, Objective, Policy, Criterion or Directive $1,733 
(d) Maximum Fee on a Single Application $17,334 
(e)  Special Amendment Cycle outside of twice per year limitation$5,000plus base fee
(2) Appeals (Vested Rights)  
(a) Individual Single Family 5 acres or less $433  
(b) All other appeals $1,733 
(3) Review & preparation of planning documentation not Included elsewheretrue costaccounting hourly rate
(4) Small Scale Plan Amendment  
(a) Public Hearing$919 
(b) Natural Resources Management Review$300