Application Form and Fee for Master / Journeyman Reciprocity Application

This list is intended as a guide and may not cover every situation. Additional information may be required dependent on individual circumstances.

Have your sponsoring county send a letter of reciprocity. Letter must include: Agency proctoring exam, Trade exam & Business and Law exam scores with a minimum of 75%, required years of verified experience, complaints on record & state that the sponsoring county will reciprocate with Brevard County in the same trade.

A completed application and appropriate fees for your trade. (refer to checklist in application)

Copy of current Certificate of Competency.

A recent photo attached to your application.

A copy of your driver’s license or state identification card.

Notarized signature of applicant on signature pages.

Application Submittal

Submit the completed forms and documents to:

Brevard County Licensing Regulation & Enforcement
2725 Judge Fran Jamieson Way Bldg A-114
Viera, Fl. 32940.

The fees listed herein are per application and are non-refundable. Please provide SEPARATE CHECKS.

Fees for Master / Journeyman Reciprocity Application
Application fee Master (non-contractor)$115.00
Application fee Journeyman$25.00
Prorated Certification Fees
Master (non-contractor) August –November 100%$7.00
Master (non-contractor) December-April 75%$56.25
Master (non-contractor) May-July 50%$37.50
Journeyman August –November 100%$50.00
Journeyman December-April 75%$37.50
Journeyman May-July 50%$25.00

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