Planning and Development Code Enforcement Common Code Complaints

All Brevard County Code Sections listed below can be found within the Brevard County Code of Ordinances. To view the Brevard County Code of Ordinances in its entirety, please visit Municode .

Health and Safety Concerns

Pool without a fence enclosure or secured gate. Pools must be enclosed by a fence or screen enclosure and a secure gate. Section 22-278 (l)

Discarded refrigerators, freezers, washers or dryers with doors attached. Doors must be removed from these appliances before discarding. Section 94-119. Call the Sheriff’s Office for imminent concerns.

Yard debris in the street. Yard debris in the street is prohibited. Section 94-47, Section 94-49, Section 246-3.

Vegetation, walls or other obstructions blocking the view of traffic. Obstructing the view of traffic is not permitted per Section 62-2109 and Section 246-3.

Signs blocking the view of traffic. Obstruction to line of sight is prohibited. Section 62-3311.

All Health and Safety Concerns should be reported to our office or to the Brevard County Sheriff's Office .

Construction without Permit Concerns

Electrical, plumbing, mechanical, roof or HVAC work without a permit. Permit required. Section 22-278.

Interior structural work without a permit (home addition, remodel, replacing interior walls). Permit required. Section 22-278.

Exterior structures without a permit: Accessory structure (shed) over 100 square feet, detached garage, fence, concrete driveway, etc. A permit is required. Section 22-278 (c) Permit required. Any owner, authorized agent, or contractor shall not construct, enlarge, erect, alter, repair, move, improve, remove, convert, demolish, or change the occupancy of any building or structure, or cause the same to be done, without first obtaining a building permit as required by the building code division or permits as may be required by other county agencies for such construction activities.

Home Maintenance Concerns

Home is in disrepair. All buildings and accessory structures must be maintained, structurally sound and in good repair. Section 62-278.

Trash, debris, junk or discarded contents of home in yard. The outside of the property must be maintained and free of litter and other debris. Section 94-119.

Mold inside a building. Mold growth is not a code violation. For mold issues refer to: Florida Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services Resource Guide.  For landlord/tenant disputes contact: Florida Department of Business and Professional Regulation. 

Property Maintenance Concerns

Overgrown grass, weeds or vegetation. Grass is over 10 inches high. Grass and weeds over 10 inches and within 25 feet of improved property including roads must be mowed and maintained. Section 114-28(b).

Dead standing trees. Dead standing trees require removal when in close proximity to improved property, including roads. Section 114-28(c).

Vegetation hanging over the property line. Residents have the right to trim tree branches up to the property line. Residents may not trespass onto neighboring property. Please contact your neighbor as a courtesy before pruning overhanging branches.

Pool Concerns

Pool water is green or black. Not a code violation unless there is trash and other debris floating in the pool.

Debris in pool. Debris is not permitted in a pool. Section 114-28(d).

Pool does not have a fence around it or pool gate is insecure. Pools that are not secured are considered an imminent health and safety issue. Section 22-278(1).

Illegal Dumping Concerns

Dumping on vacant property. The accumulation of solid waste, including litter, on improved or unimproved property is prohibited. Section 94-183.

Dumping on residential property. The accumulation of solid waste, including litter, on improved real properties is prohibited. The accumulation of solid waste, including litter, on unimproved real properties is prohibited. Section 94-183.

Signage Concerns

Signs without a permit. Generally a permit is required for a sign. Some signs are prohibited under Section 62-3301.

Signs in the right-of-way. Signs are not permitted within a county right-of-way. Section 62-3301.

Animal Concerns

Too many dogs on a property. The total number of dogs varies by zoning. Residential area properties are permitted up to 4 adult dogs. Section 62-2113.

Dog or animal concerns such as barking, other than the total number of dogs. Please contact Brevard County Sheriff's Office Animal Services .

Chickens or rooster permitted on property. The total number of chickens varies by zoning. Residential properties are permitted to have one chicken and no roosters. Section 62-1102.

Vehicle Concerns

Recreational Vehicles improperly stored or exceeding limit. Generally recreational vehicles must be parked within the boundaries of the property. Limit two per property and limit of one in front of house; must be parked on the driveway. Section 62-2117(b).

Commercial Vehicles parked on property. Generally commercial vehicles are prohibited from parking in a residential area. Restrictions apply to commercial vehicles on any property. Section 62-2117(c).

Junk or abandoned vehicles on property. Vehicles must be in operating condition if parked on a property. Section 94-311 to 94-314.