Online Permitting - Brevard's Advance Service Site (BASS)

Code Enforcement, Contractor Licensing Enforcement, and Building Permit records are available to the public using Brevard’s Advanced Service Site (BASS) .

  • A licensed contractor can register to apply for permit applications online.
  • A homeowner can create an account to schedule inspections.
  • Anyone can view permit information without an account.

1. Register Online

Please complete BASS System Registration. Instructions available below or for further assistance please email Contractor Licensing  or call (321) 633-2058, option 4, option 6

2. Access BASS

Log-In to BASS  as a Registered User and select Building to view applications associated with your license. Your license will be connected to the specific permit types applicable to your license. Once your permit application is entered, you will be able to make online payments and obtain a permit number for that application.

3. Manage Applications

As Registered User, you will be able to manage your permit applications. Once a permit number has been received either through BASS or from our office, you will be able to follow the progress of your permit application; including conditions, review comments and inspections (pending and completed). You will be able to upload additional or requested documents and download/print approved documents

4. Questions

The Customer Service Center is available to help you become familiar with BASS and provide you with one-on-one training in our office. Please email us  or call our Customer Service Center at (321) 633-2072, option 1, option 9, option 1.

The BASS System is now compatible with most major web browsers. Preferred PC system Microsoft Windows 7 with Google Chrome or Microsoft Edge with Microsoft Windows 10; subject to change. Remember with address search – less is best. Only use street number and first few letters of street name. Do not select street type or direction. Refer to log-in page for list of permit types available.

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