Tom Statham Park

Key Park Features

Serving the Port St. John and Titusville communities, this 5.15-acre community river park is located in Titusville on the Indian River. The scenic environment, landscaped with palm and hardwood trees, invites picnics, play and leisurely strolls along the paved walkway and river boardwalk. Scattered throughout the park are picnic shelters, a medium pavilion, grills, with sheltered picnic tables along the boardwalk. Additional facilities include a playground, drinking fountain and benches.

Park Open For Launches

Park and restrooms will stay open to the public when a launch is scheduled after normal hours.

Playground and picnic areas by river
Picnic Areas
Riverfront Walkway
Riverfront boardwalk
Community Center
Sunrise over river


Playgrounds: Yes

Restrooms: Yes

Ocean Beach: No

Bicycle Roadways: No

Athletic Facilities: No

Nature Trails / Centers: No

Community Centers:

1-3,500 sq. ft. Building

Gymnasium: No

Boat Ramps: No

Camping Features: No


1-40 ' x 60'

Picnic Shelters / Areas:

4 - 10' x 10'; 6 - 10' x 10' on Boardwalk

Fishing Features:



Additional fees may apply for water, electricity, serving areas and kitchens.

Paw Paw Pavilion

Paw Paw Pavilion

40 ' x 60'

Reserve Paw Paw Pavilion