Kelly Park West

Key Park Features

Located on the west side of Banana River Drive just south of Kelly Park-East, this 40.93-acre community park offers multi-use fields with concession facility, a boardwalk and small fishing pier on a 2.48-acre brackish lake, and paved walkway around the park perimeter. The playground, basketball court, restrooms, drinking fountain, pavilion and 3 grills add convenience for organized youth athletics at this park.

Athletic fields
Picnic Table in pavillion
Waterway view from deck
Outdoor basketball court


Playgrounds: Yes

Restrooms: Yes

Ocean Beach: No

Bicycle Roadways: No

Athletic Facilities:

2 Lighted Multipurpose Fields
1 Unlighted Outdoor Basketball Court
2 Lighted Tennis Courts
.75 mile Walking Path

Nature Trails / Centers: No

Community Centers: No

Gymnasium: No

Boat Ramps: No

Camping Features: No


1 -2,730 sq. ft. with 10 tables, 2 small grills, 1 large grill and water

Picnic Shelters / Areas: No

Fishing Features:

Small Fishing Deck


Additional fees may apply for water, electricity, serving areas and kitchens.

Large pavilion with grill

Kelly Park West Pavilion

2,730 sq. ft. with 10 tables, 2 small grills, 1 large grill and water

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