James G. Bourbeau Memorial Park

Key Park Features

A gateway to excellent bass fishing on the St. Johns River, this 194.54-acre community river park provides a staging area for many fishing tournaments. Facilities include a boat ramp and dock, restrooms, a pavilion barbecue grill, and parking for 15 cars and boat trailers. It features additional facilities across the highway at the 31.65-acre Leroy Wright Recreation Area.

James G Bourbeau Memorial Park sign
Boat ramps and docks
The James G Bourbeau Memoril Park plaque
Wooden bridge over water


Playgrounds: No

Restrooms: Yes

Ocean Beach: No

Bicycle Roadways: No

Athletic Facilities: No

Nature Trails / Centers: No

Community Centers: No

Gymnasium: No

Boat Ramps:

2 Lanes, Freshwater, Motorized (+Canoe & Airboat)

Camping Features: No


1 - 'Gladys W. Yelverton Pavilion' - 1080 sq. ft. with 6 tables

Picnic Shelters / Areas: No

Fishing Features: Shoreline

Additional fees may apply for water, electricity, serving areas and kitchens. For additional information please call (321) 633-1874.
Yelverton Pavilion

Yelverton Pavilion

1,080 sq. ft. with 6 tables

Reserve Pavilion