Strategic Initiatives

In addition to the identified components or focus areas, the Zone and Zone staff will continue to work with local and state partners to accomplish the following efforts:

  • Market and fully maximize State incentive programs where available and appropriate. Continue to monitor the various incentives that are available for businesses in the State of Florida and new methods of implementation of these incentives to attract businesses into the North Brevard Area.
  • Identify and participate in the development of Infrastructure Projects that are directly attributable to job creation and economic development. As identified by the North Brevard Economic Development Zone or in conjunction with Public and/or Public-Private Partnerships, improve, create, or maintain infrastructure necessary to facilitate or maintain full time permanent jobs in the Zone area.
  • Analyze opportunities to utilize state incentives not currently accessible. There may be State of Florida incentive programs that the North Brevard Area is not eligible for or utilizing due to their requirements. Staff will review these incentives and determine if the capacity exists to create the necessary boundaries and other components to establish these programs.
  • Establish, promote, and market Brownfield areas within the North Brevard Area. Prepare marketing materials for distribution and web applications to promote the benefits of Brownfield areas within the North Brevard Area. Also provide guidance to North Area industrial and commercial property owners on the benefits of Brownfield designation and the application process.
  • Improve Communications Infrastructure. Staff will work with existing Internet and wireless service providers to determine where gaps in fast access DSL, cable broadband, and wireless services exist in order to reach agreement on an appropriate course of action to close any service gaps that if left uncorrected may affect both the quality of life of residents and business efficiency, and may limit certain businesses from considering the Zone area.
  • Workforce Development. Staff will work with Brevard Workforce and other agencies to determine if and where there are deficiencies in the current North Brevard labor force in terms of skills and other factors and how determine what training, programs, services, and facilities are necessary to address any deficiencies.

For statistical data on the North Brevard region, please visit the North Brevard Website.