Lean Six Sigma

Brevard County Government initiated Lean Six Sigma training to further our organization’s current continuous improvement efforts. By undertaking this initiative, we are focusing on providing County employees opportunity to participate and know they can make a difference and improve our operations. Introducing Lean Six Sigma tools and techniques places us in the position to self-correct, identify and eliminate waste or unnecessary processes and procedures and help us further improve operations.

D M A I C define, measure, analyse, improve, control.

Lean Six Sigma uses Define-Measure-Analyze-Improve-Control (DMAIC) – a five-step approach to process improvement. It's focus is on improving the customer experience by making sure business processes consistently deliver the desired results.

  • Define- In this first phase of the improvement process, the team defines the problem, the goal, the process, and who the customer is.
  • Measure- In this phase, the team focuses on data. They select measures and collect data on the current process.
  • Analyze- The team is ready to review their collected data in this phase. The goal of this phase is to narrow down and identify the root cause of “waste” or defects.
  • Improve- Now the team is ready to move on the solution. A solution for improvement is developed, mistake proofed, and implemented.
  • Control- In this final phase, the team focuses on sustainment of the improvement initiative.
Lean Six Sigma Inspection Coordination team members collaborate to find process efficiencies.

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Current Improvement Projects
Central ServicesContract Review ProcessAnalyze
Library ServicesPurchasing Card ImprovementAnalyze
Solid Waste Management Curbside RecyclingMeasure
Information TechnologyMeeting Room ProcessMeasure
Natural ResourcesAgricultural Exemption/Classification Improvement ProcessMeasure
Natural ResourcesWatershed Project Monitoring AssessmentMeasure
Budget OfficeBusiness Development ProcessMeasure
Central ServicesCountywide Purchasing ProcessMeasure
Budget OfficeGrant Management ImprovementMeasure/Analyze
Housing and Human ServicesLow Income Homeowner Construction ProcessImprove
Parks and RecreationInventory ControlImprove
Public WorksHeavy Equipment Inventory and Work Order ProcessImprove
Budget OfficeAgenda Development ProcessControl
Fire RescueFleet Maintenance ProcessControl
Human ResourcesHiring Improvement ProcessControl
Parks and RecreationCamp Registration ProcessControl
Emergency ManagementEmergency Shelter Worker ProgramCompleted
Information TechnologyEmployee Pay Remuneration StatementsCompleted
Fire RescueImproving the Patient Triage ProcessCompleted
Human ResourcesImprovement of the Workers' Compensation Refund ProcessCompleted
Housing and Human ServicesCommunity Supervision ImprovementCompleted
Parks and RecreationFacility Registration ProcessCompleted
Planning and DevelopmentBuilding Permit Application ImprovementCompleted
Planning and DevelopmentSite Construction ProcessCompleted
Planning and DevelopmentDevelopment Application ProcessCompleted

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