Together In Partnership

In March 1999, The Brevard County Board of County Commissioners, created by resolution, the Together In Partnership (TIP) Committee.

Together In Partnership (TIP) Committee is a partnership of community agencies in Brevard County that work to prevent delinquency and enhance the health and well being of children in our community. The TIP Committee based on risk and protective factor-focused prevention and has developed a Strategic Plan to prevent delinquency.

Together In Partnership is dedicated to decreasing risk factors such as substance abuse, delinquency, teen pregnancy, school dropout rates, and violence through the implementation of their Strategic Plan. This plan emphasizes a community led approach to advocating for increased provision of services for children and families, access to quality childcare, and access to the services of a social worker. TIP, along with its partner agencies, believes that we must do our utmost to make sure all children are free from abuse and neglect. We need to ensure that they attend school regularly and that their needs to be better access to and support for juvenile crime prevention, diversion, and intervention programs.

What is the Focus of Together In Partnership?

The Together In Partnership model focuses on 19 risk factors. These risk factors exist at the individual, family, school, peer and community levels. Using community planning and mobilization methods, Together In Partnership helps communities identify activities that can reduce risk factors and increase protective factors for children and families.

Together In Partnership includes a pre-natal through adolescent continuum of services. Recognizing that our youth need a healthy start in life, and exposure to appropriate standards and behavior, the continuum includes human services, health care, mental health care, and pre-k (school readiness) components along with social development programs that provide skills, recognition, opportunities and bonding for our youth.

There is an intervention component that incorporates graduated sanctions and treatment options for juvenile offenders. This includes immediate sanctions for first time and minor offenders, intermediate sanctions for serious and repeat offenders, and secure care for violent and chronic offenders. Aftercare must involve the family and the community in reintegration efforts.

The participants in Together In Partnership represent the racial, cultural and socioeconomic diversity of the county.

They come from:

  • Business and Industries
  • Neighborhood and Community Based Organizations
  • Civic Organizations
  • Citizens
  • County and Municipal Government Agencies
  • State and Federal Government Agencies
  • Faith Based Organizations and Churches
  • Youth (Groups)
  • Schools
  • Parents

Interested members of the general public are encouraged to join Together In Partnership. There is truly no one immune to the impact of juvenile crime in Brevard County. Only through a collaborative effort of individuals and organizations throughout the county, can a meaningful, significant plan be developed and be successful.

Together In Partnership wants to know what issues are important to Brevard's teens and what we can do to help.

You Can Participate

There are several different ways to participate in Together In Partnership to contribute towards a safer future for our children and make Brevard a safer community. If you, your agency, organization, or committee would like to join Together In Partnership, or you simply want more information, CONTACT us!

Meeting Information

Meeting address is 2725 Judge Fran Jamieson Way Bldg. C 1st or 3rd Floor Viera, FL 32940.

Typically meetings are on the last Monday of every other month.

Upcoming Meetings


  • Patricia Seibert
  • Isabel Kennedy
  • Phil Scarpellil
  • Beatrice Boursiquot
  • Denise Devlin
  • Lisa Elam
  • Kathryn Parker
  • Jennifer Floyd
  • Amber Carroll
  • Doug Reynolds
  • Raylene Coe
  • Stanley Brizz
  • Jean Bandish
  • Traci Klinkbeil
  • Carol Jewell