Community Action Board

In 2002 the Board of County Commissioners (BOCC) adopted resolution 02-82 creating the Brevard County Community Action Board (CAB) which assumed the consolidated duties of the Community Based Organization (CBO) and the Community Action Agency (CAA) Advisory Boards. As the governing laws for this CAB the BOCC recognized Public Law 97-35 and Florida Administrative Code 9B-22. Florida Administrative Code 9B-22 puts in place the rules for composition of the CAB and the guidelines for planning, evaluation and oversight of the Community Services Block Grant (CSBG) Program. The CSBG Program is administered under the Brevard County Community Action Agency and provides funding for supportive services, education and job training for individuals and families striving to achieve self-sufficiency.

Meeting Information

The Community Action Board meets quarterly or more during the Community Based Organization (CBO) funding cycle. These meetings are open to the public. Any individuals wishing to speak regarding an agenda item must complete a speaker's card for each agenda item they wish to comment on. They will be given three minutes to complete their comments for each item for which a card was completed.

Upcoming Meetings


15 members - 5 representing the Private Sector, 5 representing the Low Income Sector and 5 representing the Public Sector.

  • Ashley Molozaiy
  • Dawn Causey Davis
  • Dana Valentino
  • Zack Parker
  • Louvanona Simpson
  • Verdell Shackleford
  • Pastor Jerome Dukes
  • Latonya Hubbard
  • Tauheedah Hamilton
  • Larry Carter
  • Patricia Seibert
  • Juanita Barton
  • Jordin Chandler
  • Darrius Garrett