In-Building Public Safety Radio Signal Boosters

As per the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) report and order released on February 20, 2013: “non-licensees who seek to operate signal boosters must obtain the consent of the licensee[s] whose signals they intend to amplify” 

Brevard County Emergency Management is the current administrator of the Public Safety Radio Communication System. We provide the following support to all the Authorities Having Jurisdiction (AHJ) within Brevard County:

  • Review the Two-Way Radio Communications Enhancement System design to ensure good engineering practices and uses of bi-directional amplifiers as approved by the Federal Communications Commission.
  • Provide final system verification to warranty non-interference to the Brevard County 800 MHz Public Safety Radio System.
  • Provide authorization letters, as required by the Federal Communications Commission, to the managers/owners of the buildings.

For those property owners who needs to determine if an in-building public safety bi-directional amplifier is needed, please contact the Authorities Having Jurisdiction (AHJ) for more information.

It will be up to the AHJ to schedule the cited inspections with our Division. All reports and letters will be submitted to the AHJ.