Coconut Point Sanctuary

Hours of operation: Monday through Sunday, day use only.

To enjoy the Coconut Point Sanctuary’s mile trail from dune to Lagoon please park at Juan Ponce de Leon Landing Park (4005 Highway A1A).

The 62-acre habitat of coastal strand, oak scrub, coastal oak forest, and mangrove forest at the Coconut Point Sanctuary rolls over ancient sand dunes from the Atlantic Ocean to the Indian River Lagoon. Early Native Americans, known as the Ais Indians, once lived along the shores of the Indian River Lagoon in this area and ate native plants, shellfish, birds, and fish. It was also near this site that historians believe Juan Ponce de Leon set foot in Florida in 1513. Along the hiking trail is an observation platform over the Indian River Lagoon--an ideal spot to view wading and shorebirds, soaring osprey, and the occasional pod of dolphin. Although they are hard to see, juvenile sea turtles also swim in the Indian River Lagoon and feed among the sea grasses growing here.

Acquired and managed in partnership with the State of Florida.

Sign at entrance
Dirt path through brush
Coconut Point Sanctury Sign
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Wildlife Viewing

Do's and Don'ts

  • Stay on the trail for personal safety and protection of the natural environment.
  • Removal of plants, animals, archeological, or cultural resources is prohibited.
  • Do not feed, disturb, or harm wildlife.
  • Pets, smoking, alcohol, and motorized vehicles are prohibited. No Hunting allowed.

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